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About Shreela

All my life I have deeply felt, at an intuitive level, many of the emotions, joys and discomforts of those close to me. Most of these, in my Chinese culture, are unspoken, and, without release, they become "trapped" in the persons body as a physical malfunction or in the person as a psychological difficulty.

At the time of my taking Sanyas in 1995, I myself was already physically ailing from my own past unreleased experiences carried in my still-young 25 year old body. I began noticing my own difficulties and those of many of my fellow Sanyasins and started to learn various types of bodywork to help myself and my friends. What I learned, I shared, and I was able to strongly envision how I could help each of them with my sharing.

About her work

My interest and sharing of bodywork grew between 1995 and 1997, and by 1998.


I was ready to make a more "professional" commitment and became trained in the very powerful ayurvedic massage of that ancient healing tradition. It was with this training that I really grasped the importance of AWARENESS, both of the practitioner AND of the client. This awareness, in co-ordination with deep, intense "transformational" massage techniques brings about real and lasting changes to the client, releasing the trapped tensions and  experiences and freeing both the body and the spirit.

This release is truly the "return to innocence" that unblocks and allows the person to again grow towards awareness and enlightenment.


My work starts with awareness of and attention to the physically manifested difficulties and moves towards a primal awareness of the experiences and emotions that first effected these conditions.


The final step of this work is to bring all awareness - of body, soul and spirit - firmly back to "now", the only time to change our being.

(nach dem japanischen Arzt 
Dr. Kimyoshi Isogai)
  • Ma Anand Nirjara

    "Shreela's work is beautiful, life-changing and profound. In touch with own energies, she helps you become more balanced, letting go and becoming more open. Integration 3 approchaes, Ayruvedic Massage, Tibetan Pulsing and Tantra Yoga, Shreela works in a sacred way, with deep respect and at the same time playful and loving. Receiving her work is transforming and healing."

  • Swami Cheten Maanav

    "I have been very privileged to have known Ma Jivan Shreela since mid-1996 having met her when I was a coordinator of the bookshop at the OSHO Ashram in Poona. Myself a bodyworker and therapist since 1978, I was impressed with her hands-on-technique, her verbal prompting and her intuitive capacity to both diagnose and diminish "dis-ease". I have been trained in many modalities and techniques and without reservation I would recommend Shreela as an asset to any meditation or healing center. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. In Australia (612 933 11337 or 612 416 095976) or email"

  • Kurt Bartholet

    MA. Psychotherapeut und Aikido Lehrer



    "Die Arbeit von Shreela ist für mich beindruckend und ich kann sie jederzeit empfehlen. Es ist mehr als reine Körpermassage, es berührt psychische und physische Ebenen und bewirkt dadurch einen tieferen Heilungsprozess. In wenige Sitzungen schon veränderte sich meine eigene Körperhaltung, führte zu einer neuen Körperwahrnehmung und einem bewussteren Umgang mit mir selbst in meinem Alltag."


  • Cristopher Anderson

    "Shreela has a knack for putting her fingers on your old stories, and providing a safe and enthusiastic setting where they can be transformed in healing and life-enhancing ways. Then, surprise and wonder, she is particularly adept at evoking the primal life energy, and providing a context within which to understand and enjoy it! All this, and there is her gentle wit and charm. When you're ready, you may want to knock on her door."

  • Lia Falls

    "To whom it may concern,

    I am writing this letter to say that I highly recommend Shreela (Lee-Chia Hui) for her workshop and for her bodywork. I have benefited greatly from both. I have had chronic low-back trouble and in three sessions, Shreela has made me feel better then I have in years. My muscles are looser and I feel more flexibility in my joints. I beleve Shreela is a gifted healer and people around her will benefit from her work wherever she goes.


    Sincerely Lia Falls


Ma Jivan Shreela was born in Taiwan in 1969. She grew up on a little island on the south-west coast of Taiwan, her father was a fisherman, her uncle and grandfather were shamans. She grew up taoist in a culture of taoism and buddhism. This gave her a strong connection to the space of secrets in her own body and spirit - the key to the secret temple in herself.


She has taken her extensive trainings in Ayruvedic massage, Tibetan Pulsing, Primal Therapy (done with masters in India) and Tantra Yoga Massage and synthesized a unique holistic - yet issue-focused healing bodywork that seeks to uncover the events, traumas or emotions that contributed to the client's "dis-ease".


Combining physical techniques with verbal prompting, Shreela takes you beyond self-perceived limits, opening new paths to healing chronic pains and maladies.




Working as body therapist in Zurich



Several Lomilomi Workshops at AlohaSpirit



Primal Therapy with Prinananda *)



"Ayruvedic Massage" with Comson



"Tantra Yoga Massage", Byron Bay, Australia with Swami Maanav Cheten



"Tibetan Pulsing"



"Rebalancing", "Tibetan Pulsing", "Diamond Bodywork" *)



*) at OSHO International, Poona, India


Method and goal


My work begin with the fact that I concentrate on you and seek out your problems held in the body.


They point themselves me among other things in your body attitude, to spannings, at the muscle tonus and the kind of your respiration.


With strong Massage and by “Posing” which as much meant as “the bones into their original position to each other to bring” I activate the body-own welfare forces.


You support this process by intensive respiration and lead thereby a conversation with your body. Separate spannings, nerves and blood become lively and you feel internally gradually your resources.



These are mental, mental and physical nature. It can be, that you pictures ascend, memories alive will arise, strong emotions such as rage, annoyance, fear or sudden joy, laughter and luck feelings.


That is good everything and shows that the body is ready its fixed passingness to show and release.


This is to be lived a first step for healing, which consists of finding for origin back in order from now on completely in the present. Because only in the present we can change ours its.


Again sometimes it goes also feeling therefore our male or female side (each humans have both in itself). As a woman you get thereby the possibility convulsive/desperate weir against the combative male side in you to release itself.



You win more confidence into you, like that as you are.


 As a man you learn to go around more flexibly with problems, you feel increase responsibility not only in giving to have, but also in taking be allowed. We become from fighters to loving.


Thus will possible for healing on the psychological level and energy can again flow. On mental level we become again completely, find back to the “innocence”.


We recognize, what we created and to learn more carefully to arrange our life.






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